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Loath by theforcesofevil1 Loath :icontheforcesofevil1:theforcesofevil1 0 0
Mature content
Drive-In: Scene 3 :icontheforcesofevil1:theforcesofevil1 0 1
Mature content
A simple and happy camping trip. :icontheforcesofevil1:theforcesofevil1 1 0
Drive-In:Interlude 1- The Six-fingered man.
Drive-In: Interlude 1- the six fingered man.
On the other side of ocala, in a Denny's, a six fingered man sits. He's alone at his table, drinking a black cup of coffee, waiting for a Honey Jalapeño Bacon Sriracha burger, extra seasoned fries and hold the onions. He recently got a job offer from a film director looking for crew members who is apparently filming here in Ocala but strangely enough no one is actually filming a movie. He's pissed and a little bitter at getting scammed into coming all the way down to this little shithole for nothing. He drums his fingers on the table in anger. "Damn it. Why the fuck did I come here in the first place?" Said jack as he sipped the coffee, "He made me spend all my fucking cash for nothing and now I'm stuck here." Abruptly, his phone begins to ring and he decides to answer. "Hello?" "Hey, jack sorry I couldn't meet you at the Denny's I was busy dealing with some of the other crew who are more violent than expected but that is a good thing,
:icontheforcesofevil1:theforcesofevil1 1 0
Drive-In: Scene 2
Scene 2- “The supreme question about a work of art is out of how deep a life does it spring.”
                                 Officer Jacque
Holy shit thats fucking nasty who the fuck would do such a thing to just some nice dumbass couple?
Fade from black on the most unlikeliest of heroes. MCSO Jacque is a tall, skinny dude who is just kinda chill. He is also a horror film buff (Seen 'em all) and has long red hair.
MCSO Ron is a short, nervous, man with short black hair that is almost balding. These two are looking at the carnage inside the car from the murder last night.
                             Officer Ron
I don't know but I'd like to kill him myself I knew the guy real Nice fellow Pretty sad he got killed in such an brutal and abrupt way.
Random ass zoom-ins on the carnage in the car as the officers speak.
:icontheforcesofevil1:theforcesofevil1 0 0
Mature content
Joyce :icontheforcesofevil1:theforcesofevil1 1 0
Mature content
Addicted- a Constantly changing and evolving story :icontheforcesofevil1:theforcesofevil1 1 0
Drive-In: Scene 1
                                                                            "Drive-In"- Chapter 1  
Screen play: scene 1- Ocala drive in: night.
⚠️ : Graphic Content
Our film begins (and ends) here at the Ocala drive in. It begins with a zoom in on the large screen where a movie is playing the opening of "drive-in massacre"- an obscure horror movie from the seventies- and the camera zooms out revealing a young couple making out in the front seat of the car. They,  jake and Jessica, continue for a few secs until.....
                                   *phone rings*
Race- "Shit. Who the hell could that be?"
They break out of each others grasp and search around in the darkness. Camera pans o
:icontheforcesofevil1:theforcesofevil1 1 0
Ocala drive in by theforcesofevil1 Ocala drive in :icontheforcesofevil1:theforcesofevil1 0 0



I am gonna write some more today...wish me luck.
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  • Watching: Twin Peaks (damn, this show is long.)
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Howdy, everyone! Another day, another journal! Just another day writing more of apotheosis with Apotheosistales but we are not done with it yet. I'll make a journal and announce when it is finished. Gonna start Editing and changing up the already published scenes of Drive-In because I realized that they need heavy editing for less chunky dialogue and make the chapter flow better. Also Scene 4 is almost done, just some minor edits needed. Also working on a new short story.  And well...that's it. See tomorrow with the next journal!
Hello my fantastic fiends! It's me T.F.O.E. and this journal is to basically update you on my stories. 1. I am working on Drive-In: scene 4 which is a continuation of scene 3 and reveal where in the timeline scene takes place. 2. Apotheosis will be moved to another deviantart account I am making to publish non-horror stories. 3. Follow me on twitter, @theforcesofevi1, ifunny,, and instagram theforcesofevil_as_seen_on_tv, and message me on my kik, theforcesofevil, and that's it. 
Oh, and the game prey is amazing, I highly recommend it to people who like bioshock.
  • Listening to: Tech N9ne: Collabos- Dominion
  • Reading: IT- Stephen King
  • Watching: Twin Peaks
  • Playing: Prey - Xbox One
  • Eating: A tuna sandwich
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“Hey Pam! Remember when I said this car was death proof? Well, that wasn’t a lie. This car is 100% death proof. Only to get the benefit of it honey, you really gotta be sitting in my seat.” - stuntman mike, "Death Proof"

Drive-In: Scene 3

Scene begins with a speech being spoken by the mayor, Jessica J. Jeckal, giving a speech upon the blood antics of the film freak
J.J.J.- Hello residents of this great city of Ocala. A brutal quad murder has taken place at the Ocala Drive In and we believe this is the first in many of the rampage of a serial killer that started with the massacre at Denny's a week ago. (She visibly shudders.) Be prepared for any and all  attackers. If anything seems wrong contact the police right away, because if you don't you too will be viciously murdered by a deranged maniac. (She pauses to breath) The person on the case is FBI agent Daedalus and her partner Carter, who are to speak some more on the case.
The camera pans to the side of the stage, following Daedalus and Jack up to the platform where the mayor and the FBI agents shake hands and the mayor steps behind them.
D.- Thank you, Mrs. Mayor. Since, we currently only have 2 cases of this killer striking, we don't have many leads but we can confirm the nickname the killer goes by. The Film Freak. We only know this because of a video and a letter sent to us by the killer himself. In it he states,
"Hello, members of the Marion County Police Department. I am THE FILM FREAK! and I am a man with a plan, a plan to make my movie exist. However, this is probably gonna need a lot of bloodshed because it ain't gonna just a movie, it's gonna a goddamn documentary and y'all starring in it. Willingly or not willingly, either way is fine with me. The first one is y'all die quickly and swiftly. The second one is long and drawn out battle of the wits until the loser is 6 feet under. Oh yeah and the tape that should come with this package should be sufficient to prove I am serious.  
                                                                                     Ta Ta, The Film Freak."
Camera pans around showing the gasping audience, who were stunned by the audacity of the letter.
J.J.J.- Damn. I hope this is just a joke.
J.- Who would have the balls to pull off two "incidents" and to send a letter like this to the local police station, just for a advertising purpose?
D.- This letter, seems deadly serious. We will be sending a bunch of armed police guards tonight ma'am. (Turns to carter and hands him a VHS tape.) we have also decided that we will show the video. Be warned we have previewed it and what is contained on it is shocking.
Carter hands the VHS to an officer (Jacque) who runs it up to the projector booth. He hands it to George Quincy Kinkles the 9th, who is the mayor's distant cousin. He's actually pretty rich but he prefers to not spend a lot of cash and actually has a day-to-day job.
The people up in the booth popped in the VHS tape. It begins playing, showing naked women strapped on to a table. For censorship purposes the straps both obscure her breasts and neither-regions. A man walks in, it's F.F. He's dressed up as leather-face and wielding a chainsaw.
F.F.- Lights, Camera, Action! Hello everyone! I am The Film Freak! And today I will prove my seriousness by killing this officer of the law.
We walks up to her and rips the duct tape off her mouth and she begins the scream
P.O.- Help me please! Help me, he's gonna kill m-
Film Freak backhands her in the face.
F.F.- Shut the fuck up, you whore. We all know you're gonna die, just hold your tongue so you don't have to suffer more.
She begins to scream again.
F.F.- Goddamn it! Time for you to suffer in the silence.
Sticks the tape back on her mouth and the turns on the chainsaw. He mores forward, the chainsaw buzzing, the camera following the film freak. He is going for the left leg.
And then his chainsaw turned off.
F.F.- (A look of annoyance and frustration appears on his face.) Goddamn it! Not again! Killer! I told you to go out and buy another fucking chainsaw!
Killer, whoever that is, runs out on stage with another chainsaw. He too, is in a mask. A white mask that looks like Michael Myers's.
K.- (looks visibly freaked out.) Shit, I am so sorry boss!
Film Freak revs up the chainsaw.
F.F.- (Smiles, but do to the mask it is hard to make out because of the leather-face mask.) Good, good, good. Full gas too.
Abruptly he turns to Killer.
F.F.- go before I kill you too.
K.- (He looks shocked) yes, sir.
Runs off stage as fast as his lanky legs can run.
F.F.- What was I doing before I was interrupted? Oh yeah...
He walks up to her, and plunges the chainsaw in the the upper femur. Blood sprays all over the Film Freak, where his meat slaughtering  outfit catches all the blood. Blood vessels are torn apart, veins are a mangled mess, the bones are reduced to tiny bone chips. He finishes cutting through and the the leg falls to the floor, squirting out blood, only leaving a bloody flap of skin showing where the leg was attached.
F.F.- Woah! That was awesome! And I ain't done yet! Three more! Oh, and killer bring out the blood-stopper, I can't have her bleed out yet.
K.- Did you mean a tourniquet?
F.F.- Yeah that's it. Quickly before she bleeds out!
He rushes towards the officer and sticks the tourniquet on the ladies stump.
F.F.- and now for my next act... her other leg!
He turned on the chainsaw again and moved towards her other leg. He plunges the chainsaw in, the skin was pulverized in an instant and the muscle quickly followed splattering all over. In a second the arm is on the ground is squirting out blood and making a squish noise.
Killer came out with another tourniquet. He quickly stuck it on.
F.F.- good. Very good. You know what? I'll skip the arms and just skip to the finale. Gimme the knife killer!
Killer comes running out again, this time with a large knife. The Film Freak takes off his mask, revealing a bandanna and a large pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Killer hands him the knife.
F.F.- Now, I am going to stab her and stab and stab her 'till the whore dies. But first a demonstration!
He picks up her leg with his left hand and uses the knife with his right. And then he slices off her toes. It cuts through the bones like butter. She watched this in horror, freaking out but her screams muffled by the duck tape.
F.F.- As you can see, the blade is incredibly sharp and cuts through bones like butter, so let's see what happens when someone is stabbed real good with it...
He walks over to her and stabs her in the trachea and began going down, cutting through the jugular notch, the manubrilium, the sternum. However, the blade nicked her heart while cutting through the sternum and promptly began squirting blood out on to the Film Freaks face which is in intense concentration.The blade continues down faster because he finally got around the bones. The blade, while going down, cut open several parts of the large and small intestines spewing out bile all over his hands. He keeps cutting until he gets to her ass crack, literally splitting her open. Her surviving entrails spill out spewing out all over the ground. Blood is everywhere, even on the the camera. The mayor, the detectives, the police force, the sheriff (Who I forgot to mention. His name is Lynwood. Jason "Sparky" Lynwood.), the civilians and the others are completely stunned, horrified and disgusted.
K. - that's disgusting boss.
Film Freak walks off leaving Killer looking at the mess. The sound of shifting objects can be heard in the background.
F.F.- Maybe it was a little overkill but it should be enough to prove we are serious. But just in case they can't...
K.- what boss? [He turns around] oh Jesus.
Film Freak smashes Killer in the arm with an ax splattering blood all over the ground, Killer tries to grab the ax but Film Freak grabs it first pulling it out of his shoulder and plunging it in his back, blood spews out of K's mouth and then he start hacking and hacking and hacking and hacking and hacking and hacking at the dead man until he is nothing more than a pile of bloody chunks. He looks up at the camera, splattered with blood. He stares at it for a few seconds. He simply says, "The show must go on, no matter what happens I will finish the film no matter what. Good day." The camera shuts off and the scene ends.
Drive-In: Scene 3
another entrance in the horror saga that is Drive-In. This is possibly the nastiest part yet be advised.
  • Listening to: Lex The Hex Master- Mr. Ugly Part 2
  • Reading: Nothing new at the moment.
  • Watching: Twin Peaks (damn, this show is long.)
  • Playing: Prey - Xbox One
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Howdy, everyone! Another day, another journal! Just another day writing more of apotheosis with Apotheosistales but we are not done with it yet. I'll make a journal and announce when it is finished. Gonna start Editing and changing up the already published scenes of Drive-In because I realized that they need heavy editing for less chunky dialogue and make the chapter flow better. Also Scene 4 is almost done, just some minor edits needed. Also working on a new short story.  And well...that's it. See tomorrow with the next journal!


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